Emma Kenney

Emma Kenney, who stars in THE CONNERS, wowed us on set of our Tilted Style Shoot with her beauty, grace, and flair! Being both in front and behind the camera hasve proven to be her happy place and she shared with us a little more about who she is, her passions, and thoughts on a few important topics in our world! Keep reading on and get to know the amazing Emma Kenney a little more!

Emma Kenney On…


Your chosen family.


Don’t forget where you came from.


To believe in something bigger than yourself.




Don’t take it too seriously


There’s the little things we can all do and encourage doing that will make a big difference. Eliminate/ at least minimize  one use plastic, recycle, eating (more)vegan options, don’t litter. If you see trash on the ground, pick it up.


Educate yourself to the best of your ability, speak out on what you feel is important, and always exercise your right to vote


Can’t live with it, can’t live without it.


Wear what makes you feel confident and ready!


When you step in front of the camera, what is going through your mind?

My breathing. No matter how mundane or intense a scene is, my breathing is the first thing on my mind. I’ve found that nothing connects me to the character I’m portraying more than thinking “How would my character be breathing in this situation? Would they be out of breath? Would they be breathing heavily but trying to hide it because they’re nervous? Would they be breathing slowly because they’re relaxed?” More than anything else, my breathing grounds me in the world of the characters.

Share with us the very first thing that drew you to acting. In what ways has your love for your passion/career grown?

When I was four or five, I remember watching “The Parent Trap” for the first time on one of those clunky portable DVD players while on a road trip. I watched it over and over again until I had memorized it and could say the words without even watching the movie! I really felt like I was one of them, inside the movie! That’s when I knew this is what I wanted to do. Every time I get to read a new script, I get that same feeling, and every day that feeling gets stronger.

How has your journey on set of THE CONNERS helped you grow? 

When I first booked the role of Harris, I remember feeling unexpectedly nervous about my chemistry with the other cast members off screen. Having previously grown up on a series, we all got to grow both physically and emotionally together, but on The Conners I was an adult, and I was unsure if that familial feeling would still grow out of it. I was wrong to feel nervous, because my Conners family welcomed me with open arms and really showed me what it meant to make genuine connections with people as an adult!

Tell us about a time on set where you had to overcome an obstacle/boundary. What did you learn about yourself?

The first thing that comes to mind is a time when I woke up for work just feeling extremely anxious. To this day I still don’t know why, because it was honestly probably one of the lightest days of work I’ve had. I had one simple scene later in the day, but for some reason I just felt terrified to even get out of bed. I had to constantly give myself little pep talks under my breath throughout my day, whether I be in my car, my trailer, or even on set. I felt super proud of myself once I got back home that night. I think a lot of people forget that the actors you watch on TV go through the same things as everyone else, and sometimes I can fall victim to thinking my problems aren’t comparable to someone who isn’t in my profession, but that was a perfect example of me just being human, and having an off day.

You also are a photographer. What is your favorite type of shoot?

I absolutely love shooting anything candid. Whether it be a stranger on the metro, my dogs playing in the backyard, or my best friends waiting for me to answer my front door, I love catching human moments when my subjects aren’t expecting to be caught.

What do you hope to capture in a photograph?

Genuine moments of people just living. I thrive in the mundane moments. Capturing people when their guard is down and they are just doing their best to pass through the current moment makes my heart skip a beat, because I know that those mundane moments are what truly makes up a person.

If you had three wishes, this very moment, what would they be?

For all of my pets to live forever, for all of my friends to find success and happiness, and for a new Beatles album!

What comes next?

I’m not sure. I’ve found that when I try to plan the future, I end up feeling disappointed or overwhelmed. All I can say for certain is that whatever comes next, I’ll be charging straight into it with all the hope and happiness I have!


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