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TALL GIRL 2 finally came out and Ava Michelle continues to wow us as we see her take on the character of Jodi again. A movie that reminds us to quiet the negative voices putting us down in our mind, it is filled with comic relief, dancing numbers, and more! Ava is truly a bright light and beautiful soul who radiates through her acting and in person. Ironically, starring in TALL GIRL was a nerve-racking decision for the young actress but she pushed through, and thank goodness she did! Keep reading on to discover more about Ava Michelle and her beautiful spirit! 


Is one of the most important things to me! Having good true friends is hard to find. My mom always said, “ You’re lucky if you can count your real friends on one hand”, and I think that is true.


To me, family is so much more than just blood relation. It is the people who love you unconditionally and are there for you through it all.


This is very important to me and I think something that we are seeing change in, especially in the entertainment industry. I hope that we continue to see women be treated equally and given even more opportunities in every industry in the future.


I think social media can be a beautiful gift or a terrible curse. I love the way we can connect, learn, and share things with people from all over the world. I love that we can relate to others, and support others. I do unfortunately think though that social media and this perfect view of life can be very damaging to a lot of people including me. The constant comparison to others who aren’t sharing there true self. The influence to be like them instead of loving who you are as an individual. And the comments that people are able to make while behind a screen really blow me away. I think social media is great, but know when to take a breather from it, and learn to use it in an uplifting and inspiring way.


I think personal style is the best form of self expression! Your style should be completely true to who you are, and  I think we forget that sometimes. Wear what you want to wear and feel confident in it!


I think this is such a beautiful thing. To be surrounded by different cultures and to respect each one of them. To open your mind to the different ways and traditions of cultures other then your own.


TALL GIRL 2 is out! How are you feeling?

I am so so happy that people can finally see it! I always get nervous the first day it is out, but the response to it has been so amazing so I’m just beyond happy!

What was the most challenging part of shooting the sequel? And the most fun part?

I think the most challenging thing about making a sequel is the pressure of trying to make a film that would stand alone on its own, and hopefully affect people just as much as the first one!

In what ways do you believe you have grown since the first film both as an actress and individual?

I’m so so many ways! Tall girl was the first acting role I ever booked so it really felt like the best acting class i could’ve ever gotten. I gained so much knowledge from just being on set and being able to work with such incredibly talented actors! As a person, I just really think this whole experience has given me so much more belief in myself. It has made me want to reach for more, knowing that is possible.

The film highlights the negative self-talk many of us go through when dealing with insecurities (etc). How have you personally, dealt with quieting those voices?

Of course! Don’t we all? I think especially like Jodi, these voices get the loudest when we put ourselves out there and do something that might scare us. I think our strength comes from getting through those times and becoming better because of it.

Share with us a story of a time you had to do something you were scared of and what the outcome was.

Tall girl! Don’t get me wrong, I was so incredibly grateful to book the lead in a film but after the excitement settled a bit, I was terrified I would screw it all up. Turns out thankfully I didn’t, but I think the moments that scare you are the ones that are so meant for you. The fact that I am able to tell a story so close to my own life, and portray it honestly, I think is a part of why people connected to this film.

How do you spend your free time?

I love to spend time with my boyfriend, my mom, and my friends! I love to dance, play piano, go to the beach, and on hikes!

What is the most important characteristic someone must have?

I feel like there are so many that are important, so I’m going to name a few! Honestly, good communication, understanding, and empathy I think would be some of the most important to me! 

What would be truly a “dream come true”?

To live a long life of doing what I love and calling it work, while surrounded by my favorite people! That would be my dream life !!


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