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We wish you a Merry Merry Christmas!!! And presents came early this year as we release Philemon Chambers’ Tilted cover shoot! Starring in the recently released Netflix film, SINGLE ALL THE WAY, the actor brings talent, inner/outer beauty, and fire as his debut is in full force. Truly a beautiful soul on Earth, we had a blast on the set of the shoot and as we get to know the different layers to Philemon. We hope you enjoy this as much as we do and if you haven’t already…go watch the movie! Love is in the air!

Philemon Chambers On…

On friendship

I cherish my friendships! My friends mean the absolute world to me. They are my family.

On family

I’m a big family guy! I really enjoy every moment I get with them. They are the reason why I’m fearless when it comes to the pursuit of my dreams.

On sexual fluidity

I think that exploring your likes/dislikes is needed. We sometimes have these structors set in place and try not to move past that, but I feel it’s important for our development. It’s funny because sometimes the person we end up falling for isn’t at all what we thought we wanted.

On faith

I have ‘hope’ tattooed on the back of my neck and it’s one of my favorite tattoos because it speaks to having faith.  I struggled with believing in myself growing up. As I got older, and from growing up in church, I realized that if I didn’t believe in myself and have faith in the process I’d lose hope. My tattoo is a constant reminder to have faith in myself.

On gender equality

I believe we all need to be treated the same whether that’s in equal pay or work politics. I believe in equality, but let’s make this clear, no matter what you were born as you have rights and are equal.

On social media

I love how social media brings us closer together, but I don’t like the idea of ‘keeping up the Jones’. We can create an image of ourselves to portray, but I think you should just be your flaws and all.

On climate change

I think climate change is happening and should be taken way more seriously. We are heading into a danger zone. By 2050, it’s reported because of climate change New York will be underwater. If we don’t take a stance now , the world as we know it will change.

On Importance of politics

I started to learn more about the political landscape when President Obama ran for office. I think that we are getting back to some semblance of good decision making right now and I love that Kamala Harris is the first female Black Vice President.

On technology

The advancements that we are making, I’m excited. To think in my lifetime soon anyone will be able to travel to space is amazing. I follow Elon Musk and I’ll be waiting for fo my invite to go to space.

On importance of personal style

When I was in middle school, my mother told me that I was mixed with German and I got a sweater made that said “Hot German Hottie.” This was not my best style moment, but I was able to express myself through my clothes. Personal style for me is key! You should never be a carbon copy of anyone. BE FEARLESS!

On culture diversity

I grew up in a household that had many representations of culture, my mother being German and my father being Native American and Creole. I loved my upbringing and was able to embrace every aspect of myself freely.


You recently starred in Single All The Way, a Christmas movie on Netflix. What was that experience like?

I had the best time! We shot during COVID and weren’t able to always be together, but we still were a big family. Filming this movie has been one of the best experiences of my life so far.

Who do you feel you connected most with on set and why? 

Michael Urie! We were together every day filming and even on the weekends, we had rehearsal. Me and Michael became best friends and it shows in our performance in Single All The Way!

Share a time you were nervous and how you overcame it while filming. 

Think about it, I had to be in scenes with Michael Urie, Jennifer Coolidge, Kathy Najimy, Barry Bostwick, Jennifer Robertson and I had to hold my weight. I was nervous just going into the make-up trailer at first! Me and Jennifer Robertson were coming back from filming at the house and we were having a conversation about this being my first project. She said that she couldn’t tell and that she still gets nervous sometimes. I’m grateful to her for opening up to me in that moment because after that I just knew that my nerves didn’t define me.

When first encountering your fellow cast, what do you like to ask about them first? 

I just asked how they are doing. I was starstruck at first, but shortly after meeting them that went out my head because they were all down-to-earth.

What role has acting played in your life other than being a career?

I’m grateful for acting because growing up it allowed me to escape from being bullied. I was never the outspoken kid but when I acted I transformed. It’s given me confidence and I’m still surprised by the light that it’s given me.

Tell us about the moment you knew you wanted to become an actor. 

When I was 6 years old, my mom and dad took me to the Lion King play at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood. I remember sitting down in the audience and being captivated by the costumes and actors, and of course the songs. I knew I wanted to do that and I’m blessed to be living my childhood dreams now.

What comes next?

2022 is going to be an amazing year! There are so many things happening, and you’ll be seeing me a lot more soon. Follow me @Philemonchambers!

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