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The kind and heartwarming soul, Edwin Hodge, reminds us that we are all one and must continue to move forward in all areas whether it be love, politics, acceptance, all of it! Also starring in the just released film, The Tomorrow’s War, Edwin opened up about the on-going adrenaline rush he had filming this movie and how amazing of an experience it was. Truly a free spirit, Edwin Hodge is spreading his wings and soaring high!


True friendship is like having an extended family member. I look at my friends and know I can rely on them for a much needed smile or a good word of advice and it’s reciprocal.


Family is my foundation in every meaning of the word. Without their love and support, I wouldn’t be able to find my strength in times of weakness. They give me a reason to keep moving forward when I feel stuck in life. I’m lucky to have my family. I know some family dynamics aren’t as tight as ours.


Faith is something that is hard to hold onto, but it does give people motivation to get through the rough times in their life. My faith in knowing things can and will get better is never wavering. My faith has guided me through indecision, doubts, and setbacks.


The fact that we still have to talk about gender equality is mind numbing. Respect, pay and appreciate the hard work that women equally give to their careers like their male counterparts.


Social media has definitely changed the way people interact with the world. As a society that is heavily reliant on technology and at your fingertips access to content, I feel it helps and hurts us in some ways. I feel like people just get lost in their phones and it hinders actual social skills.


The earth is talking. I think we need to do better and listen to what she’s saying. It’s hard to ignore science and physical evidence of the evolutionary change we’ve experienced due to climate change and the human cause of it.


Politics is necessary if the main outcome is for the betterment of our nation. Compromise for progression and equality is the most important goal in my opinion, but the system does work that way.


The advancement in technology always surprises me and scares me at the same time. As much good can be done with it, we’ve also witnessed the way some people abuse technology. I’m sure we’ve all seen Black Mirror.


One’s personal style is important to creating their identity. I love going to events and seeing the creative individuality amongst the guests. Whether it’s their personality or fashion, it’s great seeing people owning their personal style proudly.


It took many great minds from a wide range of cultural backgrounds to build this nation and the world as we know it. Why not explore other cultures outside of your own? What’s the harm in it? The more inclusive we become the more understanding and accepting we will be. Compassion wouldn’t be an anomaly.

Congratulations on your role in THE TOMORROW WAR! What do you think fans are going to love the most about the movie? What do you love most?

I just think the fans will like the movie for what it is,  a non stop thrill ride with nasty aliens and a story that will tug at your heart. I love the White Spikes. When we got our first look at them and saw what they could do, I knew this film was going to be an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

Share with us a moment on set that left a strong impact on you. What about that scene made it so special? What was it like working with the cast and crew?

Working with the cast and crew was a great experience. My favorite moment came from a span of a few weeks while working on the big escape scene in the beginning of the movie. I remember looking over at my castmates after running an eighty yard sprint for the fifth time and realizing how much effort everyone was putting in to make this film great. Working with a cast and crew that’s “all in” allows for easy days at work and hopefully an amazing product in the end.

Can you tell us more about your character and what it was like playing him? How did you prepare for the role?

Dorian was a fun and engaging character to take on. The definition of who he is evolved throughout the process of filming. We kind of think he’s this badass only later to find out he’s fighting the war because he feels there’s no hope anymore. He’s a make up of various veterans I’ve talked to throughout my life. I’ve heard many stories of coming back home and not knowing what to do next. Some feel lost and try to gain some sense of normalcy. I just wanted him to be relatable to those who truly understand his journey.

In what ways did this film challenge you as an actor?

I’ve definitely become more of a confident performer. The film tested me mentally and physically. I learned to relax and have more fun again in the process as well

What other projects have you played in and how did they help you grow as an actor?

Every gig is a new experience and one that you should learn and grow from. From Sesame Street to Show Boat, Boston Public to The Purge, Chicago Fire to Six and everything in between, I’ve learned how to make better choices and educate myself of various aspects of life. I have to embody people’s lives outside of my own. It allows me to see the world through many different lenses.

Tell us about a time you did something completely crazy and unexcited for who you are.

Training for the first season of SIX was insane! We had to experience a condensed version of Hell Week. It was an experience unlike any other in my life. From the exhaustive training, mental and physical tests, trying to eat MREs while sitting chest deep in the ocean, and 36 hours of no sleep while executing tasks for our final test made me a much better man to say the least.

Growing up, what are some fundamental lessons that were instilled in you? 

A fundamental lesson learned was never relying on others’ opinions to validate who I am. In a profession where image and identity means a lot, it’s easy to fall prey to the ideas of those who say they have your best interests at heart. Knowing who I was and what I truly wanted from my career took awhile, but I’m finding my personal success and I’m happy.

What do you believe your purpose is?

My purpose is to educate, entertain and live for the betterment of myself so that I can interact with the world in a much more understanding and engaging way. I’m here to influence the world to think freely, work hard, and pay it forward.


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