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Ooooh, it’s getting hot in here! The sun is out, the energy is high, and some of your favorite TV shows are booming! Starring in RUN THE WORLD, the handsome and talented Nick Sagar spent a beautiful morning with us at TILTED on set of what was a very memorable photo shoot. Bringing class, sexiness, and passion to the table, the actor shared his thoughts on a variety of topics from his view on things in the world, his time on the show, and more. As you lay by the pool, dive into our story with him and get to know Nick on a more intimate level! Enjoy!


Friendship is a beautiful thing. I remember when I was young someone told me friends are the family you choose. That really stuck with me. Having good friends in my life has been a blessing in so many ways.  Their support and laughter and encouragement. They’re people outside of our family that we allow to know us on the deepest level. They become family.


Family is everything to me. I’m so grateful for my family. Their support and love over the years have been what shaped me into who I am today. I admire and look up to all of them. Even the younger ones. My family has grown over the years because some friends have been around so long they just like family.


I’m a firm believer in people living the life they want. There’s a saying, live the life you love, love the life you live. Everyone deserves happiness and to be true to themselves. Whatever that is to them. People should be able to love freely! Love is everything.


Faith is one of the most important things in life.  Love and faith are very powerful. They transcend us. They give us hope. They give us life.  Especially when chasing dreams faith is so important. Hard times will come faith is what helps us get through those times.


Gender Equality is so vital. We’re all humans at the end of the day. We all deserve the same opportunities.  We all should be able to dream and Pursue those dreams with no limitations whatsoever.


Social media is a great tool. I love what it’s done in bringing us closer and the voices that have been heard that have started changes in society that were long overdue.


Earth is our shared home. We’re all a community on this planet. One family living under the sun. Our earth is all we have. It’s a beautiful place. We a people have to protect our homes. It should be our priority to make sure the earth is thriving, that we are living in unison with Mother Nature, and what earth needs to flourish. We have the technology and knowledge now to know what exactly to do to improve our home. Let’s make this place truly magical what it is.


I love technology. Some of the things that have come out over recent years have helped us stay closer together. Connect us globally. I think that’s truly special. I also love the times when there was less. Personally, for me, I like to live in balance. With technology that helps my life not distracts it. Getting back to nature is just as important as the newest gadget. Balance is everything.


Where would we be without personal style? It’s amazing. It’s one’s expression of who they are or how they feel in that specific moment. It’s what sets us apart and brings us together. It’s what inspires. Breaks boundaries. It’s art.


Learning about other cultures is so vital. I was blessed to grow up around so many different cultures. I learned so much. Humans from all walks of life have so much to offer. We all deserve platforms to tell our stories. Stories bring us together. Life is one big story. It vital we have an accurate representation of people’s voices so we can learn and grow from each other.


What drew you to “Run The World”? Did you get the part you wanted? What were you most excited about working on this?

I was drawn to run the world because for so many reasons.  Most importantly, it was because it was a story about black women by black women.  Showcasing a life we don’t get to see much but definitely exists. Things are changing now which is wonderful. As soon as I read the script, I knew it was something I’d love to be a part of.

Share a moment on set where you learned something new about yourself. In what ways did it open your eyes to the world more? How did it make you feel?

I think we all learned something new about ourselves. We were fortunate to be able to work at such a time when the world was going through a tough time. It was hard not to reflect on what was going on. I think I learned the importance of what art meant to me and performance. It brings me happiness. Health and well-being always come first but art is important to the human story. It has the power to help us through tough times.

Was there a specific scene that you absolutely loved filming? Explain. Now, one you wish you could have done differently.

I honestly can’t pick one. It was all so much fun in different ways. The rest of the cast and crew are great people. I’d do it all over again ha!  Another reason is New York too! I love that city and we got to shoot there. It’s such an iconic city and has a rich artistic history. We loved every moment.

Growing up, what role did tv/film play in your household? What was your upbringing like?

I had a great upbringing. Our family was very close. We did a lot of things together. Most importantly there was love and support which I’m very grateful for.  Growing up is were always cops and robbers. Superhero’s and athletes lol. I’d say I played the cop and superhero role the most but I did like playing that last-minute footballer who scores a winning goal in extra time at the World Cup!!

Say you could be anyone for a week. Who would you pick and why?

I think it would be an animal or bird of some sort. A falcon or eagle for a week would be fun. I’d just cruise the skies night and day taking in the views lol. If it had to be a person, it would be one of the legends of old. Bruce Lee or Bob Marley!

What are some other projects that you loved working on? How did they all impact who you are as an actor and individual?

I’ve honestly loved them all. They’ve all been different experiences in their own way. I think for me it’s the fan bases it has touched. Hearing from so many different people from all over the world about how something I’ve been in has impacted them is such an amazing thing.  It makes you so grateful and inspires you to keep putting out work you believe in.

Favorite hobby?

Martial arts I’d say. All the different styles. I’m very grateful to be able to study and learn a variety of martial arts.  I do love a game of footy ( soccer) and I am an avid gamer too !!!

What comes next?

Well, Run the world is currently out. I’m enjoying keeping up with the people and how they receive it. The third installment of The Princess Switch will be out later this year which I’m excited about, it’s been such a blessing working with the Switch family. I’m also looking forward to the next adventure too as soon as I can say more, but for now, it’s taking every day as they come and living in the moment!

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