Georgia Hassarati: From Aussie Shores

to Hollywood’s Doorsteps



Talent: @georgiahassarati

Interview: Robby Wong @shehatesrhude

Photography: Matt Doheny @dohenyphoto

Creative Direction: Aleksandar Tomovic @alekandsteph

Fashion Styling: Becky Thompson @stylebybek 

Fashion Director: Michael Fusco @mikeystyles

Makeup and Hair: Caitlin Krenz  @caitlinkrenzbeauty for Exclusive Artists using Charlotte Tilbury and R+Co

Junior Producer / BTS and Promo Editor: Isabela Costa  @isa.chromatic

PR team: @wearekomodo

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It’s not every day that you step into a bustling studio and feel an immediate time warp. The soft lighting, classic props, and the chosen wardrobe took me back to a world of timeless elegance — a time when bombshells and pinups graced the cinema. And right at the center of this mélange of past and present stands Georgia Hassarati.

As Georgia makes her entrance, it’s evident she’s the embodiment of this fusion. With every step, she channels the spirit of classic icons like Marilyn Monroe, while her laughter, candid and pure, reminds us that she is very much a woman of today.

Between the jests and jokes with our photographer and the unplanned incident on Sunset Strip where a distracted driver confirmed that yes, Georgia does indeed stop traffic, the day starts on an eventful note. An impromptu photoshoot idea has her darting amidst traffic, capturing her carefree spirit perfectly. It’s a refreshing change from orchestrated poses, offering a candid glimpse into Georgia’s free-spirited heart.

With the energetic photoshoot wrapped up, it was time for our sit-down. As we settle, I kick off our conversation with a question that has been burning in my mind. “Georgia, having witnessed your energy firsthand today, I’ve got to ask: How does life in the fast-paced world of America differ from the laid-back vibes of Australia?”

She takes a sip of her water, her eyes reflecting a deep love for both worlds. “Australia will always be home,” she begins. “The beaches, the friendly banter, the close-knit bonds with family – they’re irreplaceable.” She chuckles softly, “I miss walking around with sandy feet and tanned skin. But America? I love America for many reasons. I’ve met some amazing people and had the craziest opportunities that I never thought I would have. It’s been a lot of fun and something I feel has helped me grow into the best version of myself. I also love being an Australian in America, because everyone picks on my accent and I find it hilarious.”

I can’t help but dig deeper into her Australian roots, “What do you miss the most about Australia, especially when you’re caught up in the Hollywood whirlwind?”

Her face lights up, “It’s the little things. Being around family, especially watching my nieces and nephews grow. Every time I’m back, we pack in so many memories. It’s like making up for lost time. I also feel a little out of place sometimes, as I don’t have too many Australian friends out here. But I go home often enough to get that fix.”

Our conversation smoothly transitions to another fascinating aspect of Georgia’s life, “I’ve heard whispers about your life before the spotlight – a career in midwifery. Tell me about that.”

A genuine smile spreads across her face, “It’s true! Before the glitz and glamor, I was in the heart of hospitals, witnessing the miracle of birth. I love being able to be a support system for people, especially in their most vulnerable moments such as birth. I love seeing people become

a family, I’ve also always imagined how exciting it would be to experience it myself one day, and I just knew I would enjoy midwifery and be good at it because of this.” She reminisces about her childhood, dressing up as a nurse, cradling a baby doll, telling anyone who would listen about her dream to be a midwife.

The contrast is compelling. Reality TV has always been another world to me – filming 24/7, the lack of personal space, millions ready to judge you. “From midwifery to reality TV – that’s quite a leap. Why did you decide to do it?” I ask.

She shrugs, the sparkle in her eyes revealing a zest for life. “When I was approached for the show I was unsure, but I ultimately left it up to fate as to whether I would do it or not and everything aligned perfectly, so I knew it was meant for me. I’m always open to trying new things, and I enjoy being out of my comfort zone because it’s where I find out a lot about myself and where I grow. I’ve also always enjoyed watching reality tv and could imagine being in that kind of environment. It never really scared me, it more excited me to be able to meet new people and have a unique experience outside of everything I know. I also have a super outgoing personality so I knew I’d make friends just fine and have fun.”

Georgia’s easy-going personality she’s exhibited all day is obvious in making this decision. Even knowing the potential risks and drawbacks of it, she was open to the challenge and new experience. This carefree personality is so refreshing in person, especially from someone in reality TV. It’s no surprise that she won “Perfect Match.”

I’m curious as to whether she would want to pursue midwifery again after the fame. “Given the rise in fame, do you see yourself stepping away from the medical field?”

Georgia pauses, contemplating my question. “I think it’s not where I’m meant to be right now,” she starts. “But I definitely plan on being a midwife once I’ve had children of my own. I think having that personal experience will only strengthen the care I provide for people and help me relate to what they are experiencing on another level.”

Georgia is just unique and intriguing in general – from her pursuits of both midwifery and reality TV, to her carefree and spontaneous spirit in such a serious and stuffy industry, and all the way down to who she is at her core, an Australian-Lebanese woman, which is rare in this industry. I’m curious about this latter fact of hers. “There’s very few Australian-Lebanese people in the entertainment industry. Can you describe how that feels and the importance of inclusivity and diversity?” I ask.

She takes a deep breath, “It’s really exciting honestly, and I didn’t realize this until very recently, but I’m one of the only Australian-Lebanese women to be on a Netflix reality TV show altogether. It makes me really proud and I feel very honored and privileged to represent my people.”

As we delve further, I learn about Georgia’s aspirations and projects. “There’s been talk about your interest in launching a fashion or jewelry brand. What’s brewing?”

She leans in, excitedly, “Oh, I’m very much on that path! I want to craft something that truly mirrors who I am. There’s so much I’m exploring right now, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.”

Given her spontaneous spirit, I’m curious about her travel must-haves. “You’ve often spoken about your love for travel. What are three fashion essentials you’d never leave behind?”

Without hesitation, she lists, “My Hermes slides – they’re perfect for any outfit. An Essentials hoodie for those long flights. And of course, a bikini. You never know when the perfect beach moment will pop up!”

Our conversation is flowing seamlessly and I want to maintain the light element. “Imagine you could have brunch with anyone, dead or alive, fictional or real. Who would it be?

She grins widely, “Spiritually, I’d say Jesus. But on a fun note? Definitely, Paul Rudd. I think he’s hilarious and it would be so fun to meet him!”

We wrap up our conversation with her thoughts on healthy living. “In your life, which is a blend of hectic shoots and personal commitments, how do you maintain a balanced routine?”

She contemplates for a brief moment, “Balance is crucial. I think it’s easy to get overwhelmed and overworked and neglect yourself when you are living in a very fast paced environment. I make sure I am really aware of this and take the time I need to look after myself, physically, by working out when I can, and of course mentally and emotionally, by having a good support system and therapist. Overall, taking time for myself as much as possible. Amidst the chaos, I ensure I prioritize my mental and physical health.”

As the day concludes, I realize Georgia Hassarati is not just another face in the crowd. She’s a symphony of contrasts – a woman rooted in her traditions while embracing the new, a spirit that’s both free and grounded. Her light-hearted, carefree personality is so refreshing and our day with her was a delight. Reality TV stars get a bad rep, but Georgia is living proof that what’s on camera is not always the whole story. Her journey, from the shores of Australia to Hollywood, from the corridors of hospitals to the spotlight of reality TV, is a testament to her resilience, adaptability, and zest for life. She’s truly a modern-day icon, and her story is just beginning.



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