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Starring in the FOX drama, THE RESIDENT, Manish Dayal opened up on his thoughts about different topics that should be more talked about and his experience as an actor. Recognizing that it takes constant hard work, the talented actor never ceases to amaze his audience with his passion and dedication! Also a father and husband, family plays an important role in Dayal’s life. Choosing to see the world through realistic and hopeful eyes, Manish Dayal opens up his heart and in doing so, his audience does to!


Know who is real. In absence, we often see people more clearly. You know who the real ones are when you’re either away or not your best self.


LIFE. My family is my purpose. How can I make them proud? How can a legacy be important and have meaning? Raising two brown boys in America right now… that’s priority number one, for me. To protect them — that’s the promise we made.


You have to be you. Be who you are, no matter what. Love what you represent.


Means dedication and loyalty, to me. That’s hugely important in life. To be accountable to something, even if it’s to yourself.


Necessary to keep this world moving. We’re nothing without it.


Can be hugely positive. But we all know that it’s also a tool, if used wrongly, capable of being destructive. It can give folks access to support efforts that are unique to them. I think it’s a powerful way to be active and be a part of how we reflect the world around us.


Don’t ignore it! Let’s do our best to adapt, but let’s not go crazy trying to keep up.


It’s everything we do. We should try and commit to showcasing stories that respect human dignity and diversity. We respect cultural diversity by working to spotlight people and communities from all backgrounds. How are we pushing those narratives forward? How are we broadening old ideas and telling stories that reflect who and what we really are?

Do you remember the first time on set of THE RESIDENT? What was something or someone who had a strong impact on you that day? What tone was set? 

I remember shooting the last scene of the pilot, first. I worked backwards from there. I was able to play each scene thereafter in search for what I had shot on that first day. The tone was … gratitude We are all happy to bring this story to life…. to be a part of drama we hadn’t yet seen before.

What are some ups and downs you have experienced on set and how did you overcome them?

Medical terminology. It takes some major re-programming! The best way to tackle it is to understand exactly what you’re saying. Thankfully there’s youtube…

As an actor, what are things you believe you still need to work on? Have mastered? 

Nonstop. The work never ends. Just when you think you have something sorted, new challenges and ideas will push you to try things differently…. With acting, I don’t think you can get too used to any one technique.

Growing up, what/who was your favorite place to visit?

The movie theater or blockbuster video. That’s where I was ; )
Films were my source to a broader world.

Who are you when you aren’t acting?

A dad and a husband.

Explain to us what LOVE means to you.

Patience. Love is patience.

What advice would you give to future actors?

I think this year really revealed to us our basic need to connect with each other, to be attentive, mindful, and focused on all the good we already have in our life. For future actors, I would say focus on that. Sometimes we get caught up and tunnel visioned and don’t see what’s right in front of us. Achieving balance takes a shit load of practice. But I think it helps the work of an actor.
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