Maren Altman

Maren Altman @marenaltman

Photography Isabela Costa @isa.chromatic assisted by Martina Mattar @luamarteterra

Styling Sky Naval @sky_is_dlimit

Makeup Ashley Donovan @ashleydonovan

Hair Hailey Adickes @haileyadickeshair

Interview written by Robby Wong

Production @bellomediagroup x @maisonpriveepr_la

Special Thanx to Dani Druz


It seems like every social media influencer nowadays is becoming a singer or actor, pointed out recently by Billie Eilish at the People’s Choice Awards. I’m not saying this is necessarily a bad thing. There’s a space for everyone to showcase their talents, but it’s undeniable that more and more influencers are becoming more prevalent in other fields; whether it’s deserving or not is another argument. What’s not an argument is the fact that Maren Altman isn’t like most influencers who release music after they gain stardom online, for music was her original passion before blowing up on TikTok for astrology videos.

Maren’s journey through the worlds of social media astrology fame to the metal music scene is a testament to her extraordinary versatility and determination. Her story begins in the classrooms and stages of NYU, where she pursued acting with a zeal reflective of her lifelong engagement with the performing arts. From an early age, Altman was not just a spectator but an active participant in the realms of musical theater and classical vocal training, laying the groundwork for a career that would defy conventional categorizations. Her experience at NYU was a deep dive into the craft of acting, a pursuit that honed her ability to convey complex emotions and narratives, skills that would later enrich her musical and digital content creations.

Her foray into the digital cosmos of social media astrology was as serendipitous as it was transformative. While her roots were firmly planted in the performing arts, her casual hobby of astrology catapulted her into an unforeseen orbit of internet fame. This journey from a traditional artistic pathway to becoming a digital sensation on TikTok and YouTube highlights a fascinating intersection of personal passion and the power of social media to amplify voices from all walks of life.

Maren’s engagement with astrology began long before her digital fame, tracing back to her childhood. Growing up, she was introduced to the world of astrology at an early age, a curiosity that was nurtured by her surroundings and her innate interest in the stars. “I remember growing up on the internet…I just remember being aware of astrology and looking at horoscopes in the newspaper and stuff,” Altman reminisced about her early fascination with astrology, a hobby that she carried through her teenage years and into adulthood. This early exposure was not just a pastime; it was the foundation of what would later become a significant aspect of her identity and career.

As Altman navigated her collegiate years at NYU, focusing on acting, the world of social media was evolving rapidly. The advent of platforms like TikTok offered new avenues for creative expression and community building. Altman’s leap into the world of TikTok astrology was as much a product of timing as it was of her genuine passion for the subject. Her content, which ranged from playful to educational, struck a chord with a broad audience, catapulting her to social media stardom. “As I graduated from college, I blew up online on TikTok for astrology,” Altman shared, highlighting the pivotal moment when her hobby intersected with a global audience, transforming her from a student of acting to a digital influencer in astrology.

This transition from traditional arts to digital fame was not merely a change in medium but a profound shift in how Altman engaged with her audience and her interests. The digital platform allowed her to reach a global audience, engaging with people from all walks of life, sharing insights, and fostering a community around astrology. This was a far cry from the stages and classrooms of NYU, yet it was a platform that offered unparalleled opportunities for engagement and growth. Altman’s content, characterized by its depth and accessibility, made astrology relatable and intriguing to a demographic that might not have engaged with it through more traditional means.

Altman’s rise on social media is a testament to the power of it, where a hobby can transform into a career and a platform for education and connection. Her journey underscores the changing landscape of fame and influence in the digital age, where expertise and passion can find a global stage outside the confines of traditional pathways. “I just started making joke videos. And then I realized, like, I could do serious videos as well,” Altman explained, reflecting on the evolution of her content from casual to more structured explorations of astrology.

However, Altman’s relationship with her astrology content is nuanced. While it provided her with a platform and a voice, it also led her to a crossroads, questioning the sustainability and fulfillment of continuing solely in this vein. “I didn’t realize that there would come a point in time where the same kinds of videos would plateau. And not that that’s like the impetus driving me, but I was like, ‘oh my god, I’m not the new novel thing anymore. Do I want to keep doing this?’” Altman pondered, considering the future of her content and her desire to expand her creative horizons. This introspection is reflective of the broader challenges faced by digital creators, navigating the balance between audience expectations and personal growth.

Maren’s decision to pivot back to music, particularly to delve into the realm of metal, marks a pivotal chapter in her multifaceted career journey. This shift was not a sudden departure but rather a culmination of a lifelong passion for music, refined through years of classical vocal training and acting. Her narrative is a testament to the power of self-reinvention and the pursuit of authenticity in one’s artistic expression.

Altman’s background in musical theater and operatic singing provided her with a solid foundation in vocal techniques and performance, skills that she initially honed with aspirations towards acting and singing in more conventional venues. Her admission to NYU for acting was a step towards realizing these aspirations, embedding her deeply in the world of performing arts. However, it was her personal gravitation towards the metal genre that eventually steered her career in a new, uncharted direction. “Since I was probably 13-14, it’s been metal,” Altman confessed, revealing a decade-long journey to discover her niche within the musical landscape.

The transition to metal was both a challenge and an awakening for Altman. Her prior vocal training, though extensive, had not specifically prepared her for the unique demands of metal music, particularly the genre’s hallmark heavy screaming. Recognizing this gap, Altman embarked on a rigorous process of vocal adaptation, seeking out specialized training to master the nuances of metal vocalization. “I got back into vocal lessons and specifically, like, heavier

screaming lessons,” she detailed, highlighting her commitment to authenticity and mastery in her new musical endeavor.
This dedication to craft was further solidified by her collaboration with her producer, Ricky, a partnership that not only enhanced her musical direction but also provided the supportive framework necessary for her to explore and refine her sound. “We just became like, best friends,” Altman noted, underscoring the personal and professional synergy that fueled her creative process.

Maren’s return to her musical roots and her exploration of the metal genre represent more than just a career pivot; they signify a deep-seated desire to express her true self through her art. Her journey from musical theater to metal is a bold embrace of her diverse talents and interests, defying conventional expectations to forge a unique path in the music industry. Through this process, Altman has not only expanded her artistic repertoire but also redefined what it means to be a multifaceted artist in the digital age.
With the genres of pop punk and pop rock reemerging in the past couple years, we discuss whether the timing to return to this scene was intentional. Maren explains that it’s purely coincidental and that she actually doesn’t desire to go back to that early 2000’s pop punk genre. “My intention is not to go back to anything during that time,” she says. “I would say Green Day and Blink 182 are not what I’m trying to emulate. So with pop punk coming back, I remember asking my manager if it’s going to make its way to metal coming back. Because that coming back is great for the gateway drug of then getting into heavier music. So although I’m here for it and I love it, it wasn’t at all my attempt to hop on the wave.”

Maren Altman’s debut album emerges not just as a collection of music but as a profound articulation of her journey through fame, self-expression, and the tumultuous landscape of online perception. This project is a mosaic of Altman’s personal experiences, reflections on her rapid ascent to social media stardom, and the nuanced challenges of navigating a public persona in the digital age. Through her music, Altman endeavors to bridge the gap between her public image and her authentic self, offering listeners a deeper, more intimate glimpse into her life and thoughts.

The album’s thematic core revolves around Altman’s desire to articulate her side of the story—her experiences, her growth, and her responses to the complexities of online fame. “Some people see some videos and other people see others and therefore have wildly different little episodic experiences of me,” she shares, capturing the fragmented and often misinterpreted nature of online identity. This fragmentation, compounded by the parasocial relationships fostered through social media, has been both a challenge and a source of inspiration for her music. Altman’s album seeks to consolidate these disparate narratives, offering a cohesive and personal narrative that transcends the superficial interactions of digital platforms.

Moreover, the album delves into the themes of self-advocacy and resilience in the face of slander and negativity. Altman’s reflections on the slander and betrayal she has faced highlight a journey of learning to speak up for herself while maintaining her dignity and refusing to be drawn into the quagmire of online disputes. “This is kind of my chance to express the feelings I want to speak up about,” Altman remarked, viewing her music as a vehicle for reclaiming her narrative and asserting her truth amidst the cacophony of online discourse.

This narrative of self-expression and resilience is particularly poignant given Maren’s acknowledgment of her conflict-averse nature. Despite her confident and articulate exterior, Maren admits to a tendency to avoid conflict, a trait that her music confronts head-on. The album, therefore, becomes a medium through which she can articulate her feelings and experiences without succumbing to the negativity that often pervades online interactions. It is an artistic endeavor that balances vulnerability with strength, allowing her to share her side of the story on her own terms.

In essence, Maren Altman’s debut album is more than a musical compilation; it is an introspective exploration of identity, fame, and personal growth within the digital age. It serves as a testament to her journey from a YouTube astrologer to a metal music artist, underscored by a deep commitment to authenticity and artistic integrity. Through this project, Altman invites her audience to look beyond the fragmented perceptions of her online persona, offering a holistic view of her as an artist and individual. Her album not only showcases her musical talents but also her ability to navigate the complex landscape of online fame with grace and resilience, making a powerful statement about the importance of speaking one’s truth in an often inauthentic digital world.

As our conversation goes on, we delve into Maren’s unique fashion choices. As seen on her Instagram, Maren has no issue expressing sensuality in her outfit choices, a tool that has been inspiring to many women around the world. With social media being more prevalent than ever in how we view ourselves, it’s extremely easy to compare ourselves to others. However, Maren is using social media to uplift others and allow people to wear what they want to and feel comfortable while doing it.

Maren’s distinctive approach to fashion and self-image is deeply intertwined with her personal philosophy and artistic journey, reflecting a conscious effort to project her inner self through her external appearance. Her unique aesthetic, characterized by the symbolic use of the color red, is not merely a style choice but a manifestation of her identity, beliefs, and the creative evolution she has undergone. This deliberate curatorial process of fashion serves as an extension of Altman’s artistic expression, revealing the thoughtfulness with which she approaches all aspects of her self-presentation.

Altman’s philosophy on fashion transcends the superficial aspects of dressing, delving into a deeper, more introspective exploration of self-identity and personal narrative. “Fashion means to me, curating your outside the way that your inside wants to be seen,” Altman stated, articulating a vision of fashion as a tool for authentic self-expression. This perspective highlights her belief

in the power of clothing and style to communicate one’s innermost thoughts, feelings, and personality traits to the external world. Through her fashion choices, Altman seeks to bridge the gap between her internal reality and how she is perceived by others, striving for a congruence that is both genuine and visually compelling.

Furthermore, Altman’s approach to self-image and body neutrality is rooted in a pragmatic and healthy perception of her physical self. Growing up in an environment that valued fitness and physical appearance in a neutral and objective manner, Altman developed a comfort with her body that is both rare and inspiring. Her detachment from the negative aspects of physical critique, coupled with an objective understanding of fitness and health, has allowed her to experiment with fashion in a way that is both empowering and liberating. “I quickly understood I was very neutral about my body…I take no offense to physical comments,” Altman shared, reflecting her resilience and confidence in navigating the often harsh realm of public scrutiny.

Altman’s advice on overcoming comparison and building self-worth resonates with her broader philosophy on life and creativity. She advocates for seeking professional opinions and finding value in aspects of oneself that transcend physical appearance. This holistic approach to self-worth and body image is reflective of Altman’s overall ethos, which champions authenticity, self-acceptance, and the pursuit of personal fulfillment beyond societal expectations.

In essence, Maren Altman’s views on fashion, self-image, and personal philosophy represent a coherent and thoughtful approach to living authentically in a world that often prioritizes external appearances over internal substance. Her distinctive style, coupled with her reflective and pragmatic views on body image and self-worth, underscore a commitment to authenticity that permeates her music, her online presence, and her engagement with the world. Through her fashion choices and personal philosophy, Maren invites her audience to consider the deeper significance of self-expression, encouraging a dialogue about identity, authenticity, and the transformative power of embracing one’s true self.

Reflecting on her journey, Maren attributes her eloquence and outgoing nature to an unconventional upbringing. “I think it’s because I was basically raised by a single dad who didn’t really know what else to do besides take me to every business meeting he had,” she muses. This foundation not only honed her ability to communicate but also instilled in her a wisdom and perspective that belies her years.

Maren Altman’s artistic journey epitomizes a narrative of relentless self-discovery and expressive boldness. Her debut album serves not just as a musical exploration but as a profound reflection on identity, online perception, and the intricacies of digital fame. Through her music, Altman voices the complexities of her personal journey, offering a raw, unfiltered look into her experiences and challenges. Moreover, her distinctive approach to fashion and self-image, underscored by a deep-seated personal philosophy, further accentuates Altman’s commitment to authenticity and self-expression. As Altman continues to navigate her multifaceted career, her story remains a compelling testament to the transformative power of embracing one’s true self,

in all its multifaceted glory, demonstrating that true artistry lies in the courage to be oneself, both online and off.

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