Nick Creegan

Acting plays a very important role in Nick Creegan’s life. Using his talents in the hopes of making people FEEL, the talented actor continues to spread his philosophies, reminding people to embrace who they are and that ” Life is not an individual experience.” As life would have it, ups and downs are unavoidable but it is how you receive them that matters! Nick Creegan is truly an inspiration to the world and continues to shine a light on us all.

Nick Creegan On… 


The beauty about life is that you get to meet kindred spirits along the way. Friendship with different souls are our biggest connections to the past and how far we’ve come along our journey.


For me, family is my biggest support system. These are the people that no matter how big the win or how low the valley, they will always remain constant. I love them for that. There’s the family you’re born with, and the family you choose along the way.


Love is love.


When I look at all that I’ve been through and made it to where I am, it’s very clear that God has always been present.


Everyone on this planet should be paid and treated equally and fairly based on skill level and merit no matter their gender.


A black woman and white man created me. Love is love.


While I love posting stories and experiences, social media isn’t reality. We shouldn’t judge our own lives based on other people’s highlight reels. Get outside. Experience nature. Put your phone down for a while.


It’s real. It’s happening. We need to hold our “leaders” accountable, but also do what we can as guests of this planet to lessen our own footprint. We’re here to serve the planet as she nurtures us.


Politics and politicians are easily not favorites of mine, but we can’t just allow our communities to be governed by just anybody. We have to research each person to the best of our ability and decide who would align with what’s best for us.


There’s obviously good and bad in all advances. When I look at kids in early childhood now, it bothers me that they aren’t using their imaginations and playing outside as much as my generation did. Face to face human interaction is still important to me.


The most interesting people are the ones who dare to be authentically themselves. Be you.


The reason New York City will always be one of the best cities in the world, in my opinion, is because of the cultural diversity. Traveling and experiencing different cultures is necessary for human growth. Opening your mind to what you aren’t used to is one of the most beautiful presents you could give to yourself.


What do you hope to accomplish as an actor? In what ways do you use your platform for the greater good? 

I want to cause people to feel. Whether it be empathy, joy, anger or all of the above, the goal is to make you think and feel through my art. I do my best to spread my philosophies on life through my platform such as not being too consumed with social status or material belongings. Neither define you. I want people to feel good about themselves and their own personal journey when they interact with my platforms. At the end of the day, we’re all here to learn and grow together. Life is not an individual experience. It’s collaborative.

Why acting? Do you remember the moment you fell in love with film/television? 

Acting is freedom of expression and I love expressing myself.

I had always been in love with film and tv as a viewer, but the day I realized I wanted to do this for a career was during my first tv job. I was a full time corporate employee at a creative agency and got cast in ‘David Makes Man’ as a major recurring character. Thankfully I was able to take days off from work to shoot the show. One specific day on set I was supposed to start my day at 10am and be done by 2pm. Well, instead I finished my day at 1am, and I loved every hour. When I wasn’t acting, I was observing the other actors in other scenes. I was learning from the director and watching scenes with them on the monitor. I was completely enthralled and realized a 15 hour day on set is completely different than one in an office and I decided this is where I need to be.

If you could be any character, who would you pick and why?

I would choose a character that through the course of the project you love him and hate him at different times. I would want the viewer to be conflicted. Similar to how many viewers felt about Tony Soprano or Walter White. The human condition is a flowing River. Nobody is perfect and we are all on the spectrum of what some may consider “good” or “bad” in different situations. I would just want people to think deeper about their own lives and have empathy for the people around them.

What did you learn from each set you have been a part of? 

Each set has different lessons and different stages of growth as an artist but also as a human being. One of the best lessons I’ve learned on set is daring to take risks in artistic choices. You can always be asked to reel it back, but if you take the risk and the director loves it? You aren’t living in a cookie cutter world. Isn’t that the beauty of being an artist? Not conforming to the norms of what society deems as success or a “real job”?

This is something else I learned before ever being on set, but not everyone on every set, or inside every corporate office for that matter, practices: treat everyone with the same level of respect. I don’t care if it’s the production assistant, the B camera operator or the executive producer. Nobody, or job title, is above or beneath anyone in terms of how you treat them.

Growing up, who did you look up to the most? Explain. 

Are we talking about an artist or person in my life?

If we’re talking artists, I looked up to Jim Carrey a lot as a kid. The lengths he would go to in order to entertain were respectable even to a child. I noticed. I remember wanting to be on In Living Color as a kid because of him. That was the first person I could say that influenced me to want to play in the realm of entertainment.

If we’re talking about who I looked up to the most in life, it would be my mom. While my dad was present in certain ways, my mom raised two boys on her own. She did all of that while being a hero outside of our home as a geriatric nurse. She opened my eyes to traveling from an early age and allowed me to dream bigger than whatever my circumstances might be.

Share with us a time you were faced with adversity and how you overcome it. 

After my first tv gig, I had no representation to get other auditions and I was no longer at my corporate job so those paychecks stopped coming in. Even after I had gotten representation, it took me 24 months until I booked my next gig. During those 24 months, I was broke at different times, not sure how I would pay rent and thought about quitting this “dream” more than once. But if I can offer a piece of advice let me say this: you only lose when you quit. If I decided to quit at month 23, I would never know that if I just keep going for 30 more days, the next job was right there. We never know what we are built for until we go through it. I’m grateful I decided to go through it. If I didn’t, I’m not here answering these questions.

Where do you hope to go next?

I hope to be starring in a film that shoots on the continent of Africa. I haven’t been there yet, and going there to film a project would be incredible.

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