Jimena Jimenez

Mexican TikTok social media influencer and activist, Jimena Jimenez, shot with us for TILTED, and let’s just say…WOW! Beautiful and kickass inside and out, the young influencer is using her platform for entertainment and the greater good. It is important to her to bring awareness to causes close to her like the protection of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Having already gone through many ups and downs on the roller coaster of life, Jimena inspires us all to embrace who we are and love that person. Bring light, humor, and awareness through different platforms, Jimena Jimenez is someone to watch out for!


I am a person that knows how to make friends pretty easily, but of course, I only have like five real friends, and I’m super happy with them cause I know they will always be there for me, and I’ll always be there for them.


My family is so important to me. Even though they don’t get my job or my preferences, they always listen and try their best to support me no matter what. They’ll never disappoint me.


At the beginning, I liked boys, but when I was 12, I had a crush on a girl, but I never admitted I even liked girls until 14 and finally accepted my bisexuality. I told social media I was bi at 18, and at 19, I told my family.


I believe in a higher power, which is God, although I don’t believe in the church. I’m agnostic, and so is my family; they taught me all I know.


I think everyone is the same – We all have feelings, emotions, deserve to be loved, love, give, and receive respect. No matter your gender or orientation.


The color of your skin or nationality doesn’t matter to me. I go based on personality and having a connection, a friendship, or a relationship. I don’t care. Like I said before, people should be treated with respect always.


Social media can be hard sometimes, but it is a great way to share stuff, important stuff, like what is going on in different countries, making new friendships, exploring, and learning. My advice would be to just be careful in what you post or look for, and everything will be fine.


I was part of a climate change reality project. I came to Miami to hear Al Gore talk about climate change and how it will affect us all in years to come. I believe in this and constantly try to do something about it, like sharing on my social media, dividing garbage, picking up litter, etc.


Technology is our future. Our generation is making so much by technology; in some years, we will change the world as to how we see it. We all need technology in our lives; it has become a necessity.


Everyone has a different style. I think it depends on your personality and your mood. I dress differently every day because sometimes I don’t feel like wearing jeans, or a dress, etc.


Every country, city, town, etc., has a different culture, and I think that is beautiful. When I go visit another country and see the difference between their culture and mine, it’s amazing and beautiful.


What was the first Tik Tok you ever Made?

The first TikTok I ever made was a comedy video about being mad because a meteorite didn’t hit the earth the week I had exams.

Tell us more about what pushed you to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

The realization that I had the power to change something or someone really triggered me, so I decided to post videos and stories that positively impacted others, like advising self-love.

In what ways has this career helped you in your personal life?

I became more confident in myself. I used to be really sensitive with the comments others would leave, and now I’m not. I don’t care anymore if someone hates on me. I feel stronger. I no longer focus or care because I am simply living my life, doing whatever I want and say whatever, because ultimately, this is my life.

What is your favorite thing to film? Why?

Comedy videos, because the idea that maybe someone is going through a really hard time, and a smile can make their day, is so nice.

If you could segway into any other career, which would you pick and why?

Cinematography, because I always wanted to be a director or actress, make a movie, act, be someone else, and getting to know that character is so fun in my mind.

How would you describe yourself and your content? Do you have a favorite project to date? Why is it your favorite?

I would describe it as real and funny. Because everyone that knows my content and then knows me in person says I’m exactly the same as in my videos, and I think that is so cute.

Who has been someone in your life that never stopped pushing you? Biggest lesson learned?

My mom. She taught me never to give up, not let anyone affect my life in a bad way, that I’m on top of the game because it is my life.

What can your fans expect to see?

See me be a better person every day, try my best to be happy, not give up, and being there for all of them, cause I don’t see them as fans – I see them as friends & family.



Talent JIMENA JIMENEZ @jimena.jimenezr
Photography FRANZ MAHR @franzmars
Styling JORDAN SHILEE @jordanshilee
Hair MITCHELL CANTRELL @mitchellcantrellbeauty
Makeup JOANNA FAIVRE @joanna.makeupartist_
Interview ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites
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