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What an amazing photoshoot with Niki Koss!! Filled with such passion and positive energy, this actress is bringing love and light to all of our lives!!! Beautiful inside and out, she also spoke with us on her views on life, friendship, family, and much more. Loving and kind, this firery soul is living out her passion in acting as well as her own production company. Keep rockin’!

Niki On…

This last year has tested a lot of my friendships. What I’ve learned is that friendships are more delicate than you’d imagine. It’s important to protect them at all costs and make sure your friends always know how much you love and appreciate them.
My family is my everything. They are the light at the end of every tunnel.
I’m a firm believer of sexuality existing on a spectrum. I like that today’s climate encourages the idea of people just being attracted to people and the details of gender and such being a secondary element to attraction as a whole.
I have faith in myself. I have faith in my loved ones. I have faith in the universe. I want to have faith in humanity, but to be honest that lessens by the day.
We’re working on it… Unfortunately, we’re nowhere near close to where we need to be, but progress is being made. I’m proud of the progress that is being made. I’m also anxious and eager to make more progress. It’s a process I suppose, but I of course often feel impatient in this area.
I honestly hate it. If I didn’t have to have it for work I wouldn’t have it at all. It stresses me out and I think it’s incredibly unhealthy for humans to consume in the way we do.
I’m a big environmentalist. Climate change is a very real thing and we are not doing nearly enough to prevent it from being our ultimate demise. I know it sounds cryptic, but it’s true. It blows my mind how irresponsible people are when it comes to taking responsibility for doing their part to protect our environment. We must do better.
I don’t know… I used to really love politics. Now I sort of feel like it’s just a vehicle to perpetuate hate and division. That being said, the history of politics exists in phases. Hopefully, we are on the tail end of this particular phase and can move into something more positive soon.
I’m pretty old school when it comes to technology. And most things I suppose. I don’t really make an effort to understand it because to be honest I just don’t like it.
Personal style is the most creative outlet there is for expressing our truest selves.

I find cultural diversity incredibly interesting. I love delving deep into all different cultures. I believe it ultimately makes us richer and more well rounded as humans.


Why did you choose the path of acting? Do you remember the exact moment you knew you wanted to pursue such a career?

I’ve wanted to act since I could talk. When I was three years old I told my mom I wanted to be an actress. I don’t really know what it was that got it into my system so early, but I’ve never been able to kick it.

Share with us your top favorite projects and why.

That’s so hard. I love every project I’ve ever done in different ways. You learn different lessons from each, meet different people, create different memories… Although that being said, “Famous In Love” definitely holds a special place in my heart. I loved the idea of taking ownership over a character for such a long period of time. I was so used to film where you delve into a character for a month or two and then you move on. It was so special being able to live in Alexis Glenn’s head for a few years. Even if her head was a crazy place to live!

Growing up, who did you love watching the most on TV?

I’ve always loved watching Leonardo Dicaprio act. Ever since I was a kid. I used to do “Leo Marathons”, where I’d sit in front of the TV and just watch one Leo movie after another until my eyes hurt. I still get really excited every time I get to watch him in something new. He’s definitely one of a kind.

What does beauty mean to you?

What a great question. I’ve always equated beauty with class and elegance. Anyone can be beautiful, but classiness is a whole other story.

If you could play any role, what would it be and why? 

I’ve always wanted to play Audrey Hepurn. Or anything that exists within a period piece really. I love period pieces so much. They make me feel transported in the most magical way.

Where have you always dreamed of traveling to?

Fiji and Greece!

Tell us more about who you are.

I like to wear a lot of hats. Actress, producer, director, writer, you name it. I love anything that has to do with creativity. Everything makes me feel creative. Traveling, food, films, music, photography, people…. Art is everywhere and I can’t get enough of it.

What comes next?

I launched a production company this year, K Factor Films, which I’m incredibly excited about. We have some amazing projects on our slate that we’ll be able to share with the world very soon. Stay tuned!

Talent NIKI KOSS @nikikoss
Photographer FRANZ MAHR @franzmars

Creative Direction ALEKSANDAR TOMOVIC @alekandsteph
Styling SKY JT NAVAL @sky_is_dlimit
Hair / Makeup JOANNA FAIVRE @joanna.makeupartist_

Interview by ALEXANDRA BONNET @alexbonnetwrites
Production @BELLOmediagroup x @maisonpriveepr_la x @alexbonnetwrites

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