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Lex Scott Davis, who stars in the recently released series REBEL, opened us up to her thoughts on important topics at hand as well as her experience on the show and as an actress. You see, in a world where we still fight against intolerance, belittlement, and more, it is important to talk about these topics (race, religion, politcs…) in order to move forward in a progressive and positive way. Up next, she will be seen alongside Jason Momoa in “Sweet Girl” out on Netflix, August 27th. The talented actress is on the rise as she continues on her true path of light! Go Lex!

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Friendships are important for self-care. We need people we can lean on, have fun with, vent to, love on, and support. But with that, making sure there is a reciprocity of value, and that’s with any type of relationship. Your friends should also uplift and encourage you to be great and not the opposite.


Family is everything. I come from a big family and we are very close. I acknowledge that everyone might not have that, so it makes me appreciate mine even more. I am very grateful to the village that raised me.


I think a person should be able to love who they love without explanation. Simple as that.


I am a big believer in the coexistence of many faiths and spiritualities. Since I was little, I had a theory that we all pray to the same Being, just in different languages. As long as you believe in something greater than self, no group should tell you how to pray or that your faith isn’t right because it’s not the same as theirs.


I mean. Duh. We’re all just people who were blessed enough to see another day. No sense in making it more complicated based on anatomy.


Pro’s and Con’s to this. But ultimately you are in control of what you’re exposed to. I always advocate using it to uplift or inspire. The minute it takes a dark turn it’s best to unplug and recharge… without technology.


Is it just me or does the advancement of technology really make you miss the analog days? I’m a 90s baby so I was the last generation before technology really became a way of life. I miss simple things such as kids playing outside vs. being in the house watching something on an iPad. Of course technology is super convenient for work, and for keeping up with news and long distance family, but I hope as a human race we don’t forget how to have real interactions with each other. TIP: Every now and then, try handwriting a love letter or mailing a postcard…it’ll do the old soul some good.


Personal style is important. No matter the influence, there is only one YOU and you should be free to express yourself in the way you feel is appropriate for your own uniqueness.


I am very big on diversity and I was raised to be that way. I am fortunate enough to have grown up in different environments thus creating a melting pot of information for myself. I am what I am because of the different cultures I was exposed to at a very young age, so much so that it’s not something I have to think about.  That being said, it starts with children and parenting. It starts with exposure to different environments. It’s obviously easier said than done in places that are made up of one predominant people group and may not offer access to other nationalities or races… but we have to try.


What was your favorite part of filming REBEL? Least favorite?

The camaraderie between cast & crew is the best. You would think the pandemic would have a negative effect on how close we’d be able to get but I think it’s actually brought us closer. Going through something like being shut down and not knowing if our pilot would see the light of day, to now being on the other side of that, we were able to develop & maintain relationships through it all.

Share with us what it felt like to watch h yourself on TV. How did you view the premiere?

It’s always hard for me to watch myself. I’m very critical of my performance as most people are. The cast was able to watch the pilot together weeks before the actual premiere, so seeing it in advance definitely put my nerves at ease. It’s a damn good show. I think we were all more impressed than we expected and especially with each other.

In what ways did you connect most with your character?

I think it’s very relatable to love someone so much that it hurts. Cassidy is beyond frustrated with her mother Rebel, and it shows at times where the audience may question if Cassidy’s emotions are even necessary. But I think what we’re witnessing is built up resentment of loving the one person who barely makes time for you. She wants her mother’s love & approval so badly and Rebel has yet to realize…so naturally that causes friction.

Most rebellious thing you have ever done?

There’re quite a few rebellious acts I’ve done. I honestly couldn’t tell you which was the most rebellious thing, but I’ve definitely gotten into my fair share of fights and been kicked off a few premises when I was younger.

Growing up, what kind of child were you? (quiet, outgoing…)

I was both quiet and outgoing. It depended on where I was and who I was in front of. I could be very shy in large crowds but then would put on concerts for my parents and neighbors in our living room.

What is your dream role?

I REALLY want to play someone scary or psychotic in a thriller. Since forever. My favorite genre is horror and I think it would be really fun to just go there and get wild & crazy.

Who was someone you have admired your whole life?

My dad. He’s so damn cool. I’m close with both of my parents and look up to them for different reasons, but I always liked how my dad is so chill about a lot of things, and how he makes friends with just about every person he meets. Also, he doesn’t age so I hope that rubs off on me.

What do you hope to accomplish this year?

I produce with my husband, Mo McRae, and our company is called Scalable Content. Really excited to launch that but most importantly, selling at least one of our shows this year would be really incredible!


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